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Fixing Up a Rental Property

Becoming a landlord can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life? Are you going to be a first-time landlord soon? Perhaps, you’re busy fixing up a rental property. Consider installing a new garage door on the home you plan to rent to a tenant. Investing in a new garage door sooner rather than later is especially important if the current one on the home doesn’t work properly. Besides improving your rental’s cub appeal, you will likely attract more potential tenants to it. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing benefits of installing a new garage door on a beautiful, rental property. Enjoy!

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Common Types Of Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers control the opening and closing of your garage door. Therefore, if you plan to replace or install a new residential or commercial garage door opener, you need to understand the different types and how they differ.

Discover the major types of garage door openers you can use for your new garage door.

Chain Drive Openers

These openers control the opening and closing mechanism via a chain mechanism similar to a bicycle's chain. The chain then pushes or pulls a roller, which opens or closes the door. 

The chain drive model has been around for years, but it isn't obsolete. It is still the most common type, and modern models have integrated new tech to make it more efficient. This opener design also has high tensile strength and a bigger carrying capacity than most types. 

On the downside, metal acting on metal can be noisy for some people, so keep that in mind as you make your decision.

Belt Drive Openers

The belt drive opener has the same operating mechanism as the chain drive opener. The only difference is the use of a reinforced belt to control the trolley mechanism — instead of the chain-type mechanism. In most models, the straps are made of polyurethane or steel-reinforced rubber.

This type is also less noisy but still as efficient as the chain drive. However, belt drive garage door openers can be more costly than their chain drive counterparts.

Direct Drive Openers

The direct-drive opener is slightly different from the other two types because it has no trolley mechanism. Instead, the motor is the only moving part in a direct-drive opener. And because it doesn't have a moving belt or chain, this opener variant is considered one of the quietest garage door openers.

Direct drive openers may also come with remote tech, smart controllers, a wall control panel, infrared light sensors, and more. If you want a smart garage, you may like this option better.

On the downside, the direct drive option may be costlier than the chain drive or screw drive because of the high-tech mechanisms it relies on.

You can add useful smart features like remote control, power backup, among other modern features, if you feel that your garage door is outdated. That said, the door opener you choose will depends on your preferences, budget and home design. If you are undecided, get a trusted residential garage door expert who can give you more information to figure out the best fit.