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Fixing Up a Rental Property

Becoming a landlord can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life? Are you going to be a first-time landlord soon? Perhaps, you’re busy fixing up a rental property. Consider installing a new garage door on the home you plan to rent to a tenant. Investing in a new garage door sooner rather than later is especially important if the current one on the home doesn’t work properly. Besides improving your rental’s cub appeal, you will likely attract more potential tenants to it. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing benefits of installing a new garage door on a beautiful, rental property. Enjoy!

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Garage Door Repairs: 3 Garage Door Springs Mistakes To Avoid

Naturally, you will contact your garage door repair technician when you encounter a problem like a door getting stuck or failing to respond to the remote control. While fixing the door as soon as the problem emerges is essential, learning the root cause of the problem can go a long way in preventing similar issues in the future. 

One of the common reasons for garage door malfunctions is a fault in the torsion and extension springs. When the springs fail, the door might begin to roll up and down erratically or even stop functioning totally. Below are three mistakes that you should avoid when handling faulty garage door springs:

Failure to Respond to the Warning Signs

Many people ignore unusual sounds from the springs. Typically, if the door makes a sound just before shutting completely, you need to adjust the springs. On the other hand, squeaking sounds are an indication that the springs are dry and rusted and need lubrication. 

Similarly, scraping sounds signal that one of the springs is broken and needs replacement. It would be best if you never ignored these signs since they can lead to additional complications in the future. Instead, call your garage door repair technician to unearth the underlying problem. 

Failure to Repair the Broken Springs Immediately

The door has two springs on each side. When one of the springs snaps, the weight of the door shifts to the remaining spring. That means that one spring will be carrying the weight meant for two. 

Also, when one spring fails, the cables and other parts of the door suspension system get stressed to the maximum. Failure to fix this problem can lead to the spring snapping when you least expect it. Therefore, immediate repair to the springs is the best way to avoid catastrophic accidents in your home. 

Trying DIY Garage Door Spring Repairs

Springs are a crucial part of the overall door mechanism. They have very specific operation mechanisms, and only technicians understand them well. Therefore, trying to replace the spring without professional assistance can lead to serious accidents. 

Remember that when the springs are broken, the door is unstable and can slam down on you at any minute. Calling the professionals to handle the repairs for you ensures safety for your family and valuables. 

The above mistakes can be costly and dangerous. But you can avoid them by looking out for the early signs of springs damage and finding professional help as soon as possible.

Contact a local garage door company if you need garage door spring repair services.