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Fixing Up a Rental Property

Becoming a landlord can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life? Are you going to be a first-time landlord soon? Perhaps, you’re busy fixing up a rental property. Consider installing a new garage door on the home you plan to rent to a tenant. Investing in a new garage door sooner rather than later is especially important if the current one on the home doesn’t work properly. Besides improving your rental’s cub appeal, you will likely attract more potential tenants to it. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing benefits of installing a new garage door on a beautiful, rental property. Enjoy!

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Tips for Installing a Secure Garage Door

Garage security is a concern that many homeowners have. Since you don't spend a lot of time in the garage, it might be an area where intruders could easily access your home without your knowledge, That means that having a sturdy garage door installation is key. Here are some tips on finding a great garage door installation package.

Stick With Pre-Made Designs

Obviously, having a custom garage door made is going to cost additional money. If you have infinite money to spend on your garage door installation, then the added cost won't make a difference. But if you are an average homeowner trying to get the most security out of their budget, then go ahead and skip the custom garage doors. There are many models of pre-made garage doors that offer a lot of bang for the buck, and it will give you the chance to redirect your dollars towards adding security features or improving your maintenance efforts.

Choose a Good Material

Many garage doors in modern design use a sturdy outer layer mixed with lightweight core insulation. Great outer material choices include steel, aluminum, and vinyl; these mix durability with strength.

Make Sure the Construction Is Done Well

Different designs hold up to attack differently. A few key parts of the door determine how safe it is against an attempted attack. One is the design of the frame. Some intruders will try to pry the door away from its frame, but if the frame is lined with a heavy metal such as aluminum, it's harder to do this.

Another area to inspect is the construction of windows. Glass is a nice touch, but it should be thick enough that it's not easily breakable. Windows should also be small enough that a person couldn't fit through them. Finally, make sure that windows are placed high on the door so that people can't easily see the contents of your garage or see whether your car is home or not.

Think About Storm Proofing

Burglars aren't the only security threat to your home. Storms could cause serious damage to the contents of the garage and your home's structure. A great garage door installation should be storm proofed to withstand heavy winds. That could be done with sturdy materials. It could also be done with metal braces to keep the garage door in place. There's also the option of fabric storm covers that protect against rain and erosion.