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Fixing Up a Rental Property

Becoming a landlord can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of your life? Are you going to be a first-time landlord soon? Perhaps, you’re busy fixing up a rental property. Consider installing a new garage door on the home you plan to rent to a tenant. Investing in a new garage door sooner rather than later is especially important if the current one on the home doesn’t work properly. Besides improving your rental’s cub appeal, you will likely attract more potential tenants to it. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing benefits of installing a new garage door on a beautiful, rental property. Enjoy!

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Garage Door Safety Tips For Your Children

Your garage door is your largest and heaviest moving object. For this reason, it is very important that your garage door function properly. If your garage door is not used properly, it can cause serious injury or death. Most importantly, you need to protect your children from using your garage door.

Garage Doors Are Not Toys

Children should never be allowed to play near a garage door. When the garage door is open or moving, you should always be nearby to make sure that your children are safe. 

Do not allow your children to play with the operating mechanism for the garage door. Stress that the garage door is not a toy. One of the best ways to not give your children access to the operating mechanism is to place the garage door opener out of reach. The button that is used to open and close the garage door should be installed high enough to where most children cannot reach it. Five feet is an ideal height. Do not leave anything in the garage that your child could climb up to access and operate the garage door.

Keep Children Away

When you open or close the garage door, make sure that your children are nearby. Make sure that the door is always in view. Even better, if you are going to leave by car, make sure that your children are still in the car while the door is being opened or closed. If you must open the garage door for any other reason, your children should be in the house if possible.

Have A Functioning Sensor Installed

Make sure that you have garage door sensors and that they are functioning properly. If the sensor detects that something is underneath the garage door, such as your child, the door will reverse itself. Do not assume that your child will be safe simply because you have a sensor, but it will help when your child does manage to get underneath the garage door. Make sure that the sensor is properly aligned so it functions correctly.

If your garage door is not functioning properly, it can be a threat to your children. It might open or close unexpectedly, which can cause injury. For this reason, you will want to have your garage door regularly inspected to make sure that it is functioning properly, perform preventative maintenance and have the garage door replaced when it is old or when it has become damaged beyond repair.

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